The core game takes place at the table on the left side and the room contains further exhibits.
The room contains a series of hotspots that can be navigated using the VR typical blink teleport mechanic.
The picture displays the pouring of liquid as one of the core game mechanics.
Pipelines connect the different processing stations.
The processing of different economic quantities is also visualized by pipelines.

Experimentation table

View of the experimentation table.
Different perspective on the experimentation table.
To be able to play the strategic layer successfully you also need to track the information on the screens.
For completing the different maximization tasks medals can be achieved.


The tatctical layer of the game is explained in a short tutorial.
The tutorial also points to the different quantities of the simulation.

Additional exhibits in the game

This picture displays a photogrammetric reconstruction of the statue of Karl Marx located in Trier. It is one of the additional exhibits in this game.
The original of the bust can be found in the garden of the Karl-Marx-Haus. The game also exhibits a photogrammetric reconstruction of it.
The exhibits in this game are also explained. The explanation you see in this shot belongs to the picture you can see in the upper right corner. The chair in the background is another photogrammetric reconstruction. The original is located in the Karl Marx House in Trier. Karl Marx used to sit on this one.

Strategic layer of the game

The virtual flip chart in the room explains the process that connects the different economic quantities of the model of Karl Marx the player has to interact with.
The terminology of Marx economic theory is explained on a pinboard. Understanding the terms is reuiqred to play the strategic layer of the game.

Introductory Rooms

This is the room where the player arrives first. His task is to get to the door and open it. An explanatory video is shown on the TV set.
In this second room the player gets introduced to the pouring mechanic. An explanatory video is also shown in this room.
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