Report in local newspaper

The largest and most important newspaper for the region around Trier "Trierischer Volksfreund" has written a report about the project. It can be found here (in german).

Nomination as Finalist on the ECGBL 2019

Nomination as finalist on 7th International Game Competition on ECGBL 2019

The game has been nominated as finalist of the 7th international games competition on ECGBL 2019

Finalist on the Serious Games Showcase & Challenge

Medallie als Finalist für die serious games showcase and challenge 2019.

The game Liquid Marx produced by the the University of applied Science Trier was a finalist of the  Serious Games Showcase & Challenge auf der Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation, and Education Conference (I/ITSEC) in Orlando, FL, 2.-5. december.

Most of the competing games were produced by companies and teams consisting of several people. Approximately 18.000 visitors were at the exihibtion. Our game was one of three games, not developed by US American teams. In total there were 25 finalists games.

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