Environmental Campus Birkenfeld

Live, learn, and work at a unique place. The Environmental Campus Birkenfeld, which belongs to Trier University of Applied Sciences, is one-of-a-kind. It offers students an interdisciplinary education at the only 'zero emission university' in Europe. Innovative and ecological building standards are complemented by modern utility technology and sustainable water management systems. The electricity and heat demands of the campus are covered by renewable energy sources, provided by a neighbouring biomass-combined heat and power plant.

Guided by an environment-oriented framework, the campus offers more than 2.500 students a future-oriented education in the two departments 'Environmental Planning and Technology' and 'Environmental Business Management and Law'. Sustainability and environmental consciousness provide the link between the eleven Bachelor, eleven Master,  and three dual Bachelor degree programmes, and they promote an intensive and interdisciplinary cooperation between the disciplines. Connecting ecological, economic, technical, and social issues prepares our students to analyse and optimise complex systems later on in their careers. This is not taught only in theory. Students have the opportunity to put their acquired knowledge and skills into practice in regional partner companies and numerous research institutes at the Environmental Campus. 

Thanks to the Environmental Campus' large number of international partner universities and foreign language courses, students can easily enhance their international and linguistic competences.


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