Campus for Design and Art

At the Campus for Design and Art, more than one thousand students conduct their studies in a vibrant, interdisciplinary, and intercultural exchange.

This extraordinary campus consists of two geographical locations: in the heart of Trier city, the buildings Irminenfreihof and Paulusplatz home the departments Architecture, Intermedia Design, Interior Architecture, Fashion Design, and Communications Design; in the traditional city of gemstones Idar-Oberstein, the university’s unique curriculum Gemstone and Jewellery Design is taught.

Creativity in the centre: our locations in the city of Trier

The creative faculties’ infrastructure does not only consist of traditional workshops like a book binding studio, a photo studio, and a wood- and metal workshop, but it also features modern 3D laboratories, a portal milling machine, and up-to-date computer tools. The design faculty’s curriculum is characterised by an open and transparent structure, which enables the cultivation of creative border-crossings. Students can thus study and work in an interdisciplinary environment. The innovative venture of architecture, design, and media on the Campus for Design and Art constantly brings forth modern and future-oriented projects, which are regularly distinguished with awards. Its creative potential, which finds expression in a multitude of recurring events, fashion shows, and exhibitions, has rendered the Campus for Design and Art a fixed part in Trier’s diverse cultural landscape.

Unique courses of study at a place of tradition: our location in Idar-Oberstein

Idar-Oberstein, also known as the city of gemstones, is renowned for its 500 years old gemstone and jewellery industry beyond national borders. No other location fuses teaching and education, production and trade, service and research as successfully as Idar-Oberstein. Especially the products’ exceptional quality and the workshops’ highly skilled craftsmanship are in great demand worldwide. Often, this knowledge has been transferred from one generation to the next. Thus, Idar-Oberstein has become an ideal location for the education of students in the specialist field Gemstones and Jewellery Design. Currently, three unique fine arts study courses in this specialist area can be pursued at this campus. Trier University of Applied Sciences is committed to realising a holistic conception in jewellery and object design, as well as to developing and teaching a wide range of artistic, scientific, and practice oriented abilities and skills.

Thanks to its innovative designers, the university location Idar-Oberstein enjoys a unique reputation in the field of jewellery design. The faculty’s many cooperations with renowned regional businesses offer students invaluable impressions and experience in the course of their studies. This way, creative border crossings constantly take place between the university and its region.


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