Financial Support for (PhD-)Students

For students and doctoral candidates there are numerous different internal and external funding opportunities. In the right column you will find a comprehensive compilation of these offers for different target groups. Below you will also find various internal university offers especially for female students and students with family responsibilities


Ariadne scholarship for female students of the University of Applied Sciences Trier

The Ariadne scholarship of the University of Applied Sciences Trier can be awarded to all female students and all female Phd-students regardless of their departmental affiliation. The scholarship is funded by the PFP-III-Program for the advancement of women in science and academic studies.

Criteria for the selection of suitable candidates are:

  • registered student at the University of Applied Sciences Trier
  • social or voluntary extracurricular activities
  • financial emergency situation
  • additional duties such as child care or care for the elderly
  • good to very good course achievements

Applications can be submitted to the equality office of the University of Applied Sciences Trier to the 15th of July each year. You can download the relevant forms and checklists following the links below.

Please submit all complete documents via Seafile or by post by the above date. The Seafile upload link is available upon request from Anne Müller by mail ( Unfortunately, documents received after July 15 cannot be considered for the award.

Please mind that letters not addresses in the following way may be opened by the universities postal service. Strictly confidential mail should therefore always be addressed such like:

<Name of contact person>

University of Applied Sciences Trier

Equality office

Environmental Campus Birkenfeld

PO Box 1380

55761 Birkenfeld

For further information and questions, you may have, please contact Anne Müller.

Financial support for students with children at the Trier University of Applied Sciences

The scholarship trust of the Rhineland-Palatine county offers single parent students and single pregnant students – independent of their BAföG-status – support in financially difficult situations. The program aims to stop students from dropping out and to successfully graduate.

Outstanding grades are not crucial criteria for selection, the seriousness of the situation is. Though this situation should not be a permanent one. The scholarship is granted once every semester. To apply you should present a filled out application form along with all necessary documentation to your respective departmental equality officer (contact information here). After having checked your documents, the officer will compose a statement regarding your current situation, which will be passed on to the equality committee. The committee will decide on the beneficiaries and the amount of the support.

Award of the equality committee for exceptional Final Theses

The equality committee is selecting a dissertation to be awarded 1.500€ in the winter semester.

The main requirement is a 1.7 mark or higher on your thesis.

Students may submit their thesis themselves but only once and no later than one year after the completion of their studies. A special report by a professor is not required.

In the selection of the winning thesis, the committee also considers the following criteria:

  • Mark of the thesis
  • Field of study (gender imbalance)
  • Child care duties
  • Care for the elderly duties
  • A gender related aspect in the thesis

The thesis must be submitted by the 28.02. to the central equality officer or the equality office in printed or digital form, along with a proof concerning your mark (transcript of records), your Graduation Certificate, if applicable a copy of birth certificate of your child (or children), if applicable a statement by the doctor responsible for the treatment of the person you are taking care of.

For the criteria gender imbalance in field of study and gender related aspect in the thesis no proof is demanded by the applicant.

For questions, please contact Mrs. Britta Billert, equality office (Tel 06782 / 17 – 1913, mail: b.billert(at)

Contactperson: Support for students with children

Britta Billert
Britta Billert
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+49 6782 17-1913
+49 6782 17-1711


Birkenfeld | Building 9925 | Room 30


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General information on scholarships

A solid financial base guarantees carefree studies. However, not everybody has such financial means at their disposal. Master and bachelor courses leave less time to job. Besides public grants and student loans scholarships offer a good alternative to finance your studies. Many falsely believe that scholarships will only be awarded to top grade students. Many scholarships also consider other criteria such as nationality, study progress, planned studies abroad, the reason why you apply for support or field of study.

More information on the scholarships can be obtained on the website following this link, from the scholarship commissioners of the University of Applied Sciences Trier and from the equality office.

With the beginning of the winter semester 2011 / 2012 the University of Applied Sciences Trier is also offering the Deutschlanstipendium. All relevant information concerning that scholarship can be found under the following link.

The student social services Trier can also provide more detailed information on various scholarships and help you to find the scholarship most suitable for you.

Scholarship commissioner Campus Trier

Scholarship commissioner Campus Birkenfeld

Prof. Dr. Susanne Hartard
Prof. Dr. Susanne Hartard, Dipl.-Ing.
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