Gender-free language

Handout on gender-sensitive language

of the Ministry for Family, Women, Integration and Consumer Protection Rheinland-Pfalz

This is how yo got them all!

In this brochure by the county ministry of education of Baden-Württemberg you will find many interesting tips on how to address women and men at the same time and in an appropriate way.

Administrative regulation for gender-free official and legal language.

Information sheet “linguistic equality of women and men”


Assignment procedures for female professors

Registration of the vacant position in female scientist databases.

Please send the position description of a new appointment procedure to the central equality officer or the equality office. To be able to reach qualified women, we will publish the position descriptions in female scientist databases.

Further information on appointment procedures


A list of databases, in which female scientists looking for a professorial position can register and can find information on vacant positions, can be found here. The University of Applied Sciences Trier uses some of these databases to publish its own vacant positions.

Assingment proposal

Information on what an appointment proposal should include (dated July 2015)


Tips and information for applicants


Information on part time work and partial retirement

“Teilzeit – Alles was Recht “– brochure on legal aspects on part time work

The only way to balance job and family for women often is part time work. This brochure informs you about the legal aspects of part time work as well as about the impact on your social security this will have.

Part time work income and tax calculator by the federal ministry of labour and social welfare

On the ministry website, you will find an income calculator, which will help you to understand how your income may change, should you switch to part time work.

Soft transition into retirement

This brochure of the federal ministry of labour and social welfare will give you an overview over the contents and support opportunities of the “Altersteilzeitgesetz” (Law of partial retirement). This law creates a frame in which elderly employees can define and agree with their employers their individual transition into retirement.



Prof. Dr. Rita Spatz

Equal Opportunity Commissioner

Phone: +49 6782 17-1916



University finance model and staff finance model

Following this link, you will find explanations on the financing responsibility of universities in the county of Rhineland-Palatinate.



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