Family focused - which goals wants the University to attend with its family friendly actions?

As a family orientated institution, the University attains the goal to get more attractive as employer and place of studies - as well as making a contribution in society as a whole to support young families (students and employees). 

For structural support and for an exchange of experts the University is therefore involved with the following organisations:



Quality audit "familiengerechte Hochschule"

Compatibility of job, studies and family is an important challenge for society and the University of Applied Sciences Trier as well and a responsibility at once. With the quality audit the University faces this responsibility.

With a family friendly definition of work and study conditions the University wants to make its locations more attractive for students and employers and also make a contribution to get more and more sustainable.

The institution got its first certificate as a family friendly University in 2010.

In 2014 the University was one out of 39 Universities who the certificate for the second time, so it joined the ranks of notable firms and organisations such as Globus, Robert Bosch GmbH, SAP and much more.

The auditing process proceeds in several steps in which many institutions and departments of the University define future planning targets in collabortion with an auditor of the "berufundfamilie Service GmbH".

In 2017 the University has been audited for the third time. At the moment the conversational procedure is in preparation, so that the auditing should be made permanent in 2020.


Family service at the University of Applied Sciences Trier

Location Birkenfeld
Postfach 1380
55761 Birkenfeld
Building 9925

We offer counselling interviews at each location of the University. Please make an appointement: 

Phone: 06782/17 – 1913 (Secretariat)
Mail: gsb.beratung(at)

Current objective agreements of the "audit familiengerechte Hochschule" (in german language)

Club "Familie in der Hochschule"

Logo Familie in der Hochschule

Since 2015 the University of Applied Science Trier is a member of the Best-Practice-Club "Families at Universities" (Familien in der Hochschule), which emerged in 2018 from the corresponding Charta. The club is a public negotiated agreement of the University to create and keep family friendly structures, procedures and a familiy friendly culture.

The Club has fixed standards, which has been accepted by the University by signing the membership and which get implemented and developed on its own responsibility. Further the exchange with other Universities from Germany and Austria makes it possible, to benefit from their experiences, to find inspiration for new ideas and to reflect the offers which are made already.

Because its focus on the system of universities and sciences, the club addresses explicitely students and employees in teaching and research.

The membership is - in the opinion of the University - a further chance, to support the work-life-balance of students and employees as well as the performance and capability in the field of researching on a high level.

If there are any further questions about the club and the membership of the University, please contact our counselling service. 

Further informations

You can find the whole Charta-text on this website.


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