Language Courses for Students of All Departments

In addition to the language courses offered in the individual degree programs, Trier University of Applied Sciences also offers interdisciplinary courses that are open to students from all departments and/or employees. The courses offered vary from semester to semester; courses marked with an * usually take place every semester. Registration is done via stud.IP; there you will also find rooms and times. If there are still free places, employees can also participate in the courses.

The language courses offered at the Umwelt-Campus are also open to students and employees at other locations. Participation fees apply for employees. Students of Trier University are exempt from the participation fees for internal courses and pay a reduced price for external courses.

For international applicants: There are currently various offers for (language) study and career preparation for international students and refugees at the Environmental Campus Birkenfeld. In addition, Trier University cooperates with the language school TASI in Trier, where you can acquire a C1 certificate for studying.

Winter Term 2020/2021

Course Target group
* German A1 Students in Trier
Language Course during studies - German C1 Students of all campuses
French B1 Students of all campuses
* Spanish A1 (Part1) Students in Trier
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