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Mohamad Hamad awards the DAAD Prize 2019

The Trier University of Applied Sciences awards the DAAD Prize 2019 to Mohamad Hamad for his academic achievements and his extraordinary social commitment within the framework of the event "Awarding Outstanding Theses".

Mohamad Hamad came to Germany about six years ago from Lebanon, after he had passed his Abitur there just before. On his arrival, he did not speak a word of German. Since he was unable to take part in a German course, he learned the language on his initiative and passed the German B2 exam after less than eight months. From this experience, he wrote the book "Ich lese und schreibe Deutsch" (I read and write German) together with the co-author Mrs Johanna Brylka. This textbook is intended for beginners and advanced learners who speak Arabic and have no opportunity to participate in a German course. It has already been successfully used in practice and has now been printed over 8000 copies. Together with students of the University of Trier, the book was implemented as an online version in a student project. Besides, he has also created "Translation aids for everyday life", which are offered free of charge on the website of AG Frieden e.V. and have already been printed over 800 copies.

Mohamad Hamad supports the police Hermeskeil as an interpreter in the honorary office and provides essential services as a social interface in dealing with the refugees. Since 2015 he has also supported the DRK voluntarily as an interpreter, cultural mediator and facilitator at the Refugee Centre in Trier. Besides, he coaches volunteers and those interested in refugee work on the topics of intercultural competence and communication.

Mr Hamad has been studying electrical engineering at the Trier University of Applied Sciences for the recent semesters with great success after completing the German C1 (university level).

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