PROMOS – Program to increase mobility 2023


Study, practical and language stays of students through partial scholarships and travel allowances worldwide. The amount of the scholarship rates depends on the respective target country and the total funding available. Tuition fees can only be funded if there is a surplus of funds.

Payment of travel allowances depends on the amount of the approved funds; these may not be granted in favor of a larger number of scholarship holders. Because of this, the maximum funding period is initially limited to 3 months.

It is not possible to extend the scholarships beyond six months.


Deadline for submission is expected to be January 15, 2023, the application documents, funding rates and modalities can be found in the right menu bar on this page. The application includes:

  • application form (declaration of acceptance, "Annahmeerklärung"):
  • list of study achievements so far (list of grades from QIS is sufficient),
  • an expert opinion from a university lecturer (see form)
  • brief description of the project
  • notification from the foreign institution about the admission of the applicant (if already available, otherwise hand in later)
  • a copy of your university entrance qualification (Abitur or university entrance qualification) and other certificates can be enclosed
  • if applicable, proof of necessary language skills (certificates)

Detailed list of eligible measures:

Study Scholarships (1 to 6 Months)

Both short-term scholarships (e.g. for theses) and scholarships of up to six months for student study visits can be funded. Doctoral students cannot apply for this program. Tuition fees cannot be covered.

Semester scholarships in the ERASMUS area are generally only possible where there is no ERASMUS cooperation for this department. Exceptions are students who have already been funded within an ERASMUS cooperation and therefore can no longer receive a grant under ERASMUS or if the contingent of the existing cooperation has been exhausted.


Internships (6 Weeks to 6 Months)

Internships for students are generally fundable worldwide. Internships in EU countries, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Turkey cannot be funded due to overlaps with the ERASMUS internship program.

Exceptions are students who have already been funded for an internship stay within the framework of ERASMUS and therefore can no longer receive funding under the ERASMUS program. Doctoral students cannot apply for this program.

Language Courses (3 Weeks to 6 Months)

Language courses for students and doctoral students at universities abroad can be funded worldwide. In addition, depending on the total funds available, a one-time course fee of EUR 500 per person may be requested. In principle, however, only language courses with at least 25 hours per week are funded.

Stays for specialist courses for students and doctoral students of up to six weeks can be funded with monthly partial scholarship rates and / or flat-rate travel allowances and / or a one-off course fee of € 500. Specialist courses are e.g. summer courses at foreign universities; lecture and congress trips cannot be funded.

In exceptional cases, specialist courses can also be funded between the bachelor's degree and the start of the master's program. However, a prerequisite is a pre-admission or a similar connection to the German university.

Note: Please note the funding opportunities for doctoral students in the congress and lecture travel program of the DAAD.

Final Theses

can be funded under the following conditions:

Firstly, the stay is justified by the completion of the thesis. Secondly: no regular courses are attended at a university. Theses that cannot be carried out at a university or at a company can exceptionally be funded if the relevant department fully supports the project and the students submit a detailed schedule.


Study Trips, Including Competition and Concert Trips (Will Only Be Funded Subordinately)

Study trips abroad by groups of students under the direction of a university professor can be funded for up to 12 days worldwide (detailed regulations on request at the International Office, applications can only be made via an accompanying lecturer). The funding consists exclusively of a flat rate per participant and day. This amounts to EUR 30 for the EU countries, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland and Turkey and EUR 45 for all other countries.


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