Prof. Dr. Tilo Mentler

In project TaBiRi, success factors of a pilot project for skin cancer screening with modern and low-threshold means are to be integrated into daily practice. For this purpose, an interactive and multimedia-based information system for tablet PCs with an integrated risk calculator based on established instruments will be developed. It should support patients in their personal decision for or against skin cancer screening and thus reduce suspected underuse in this area. The tablet system will be made available to patients in four cooperating general practitioners' and dermatologists' practices as well as in the medical service of a large company for use in waiting rooms. Patients and practice teams are involved in the entire development process. Optimal pragmatic and hedonic system qualities are achieved by integrating media-informatic expertise. The result is a usable and at the same time attractive tablet application that motivates people to deal with the topic, reaches large parts of the population, provides individual information and improves the (informed) participation rate.

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