Computer Science – Digital Media and Games (B.Sc.)

Area of Specialisation: Digital Games

The objective of the programme is to be able to work as a game programmer in a games company. The programme includes courses in the core subjects of computer science and courses specific to games programming. This includes engine, tool, graphics and game console programming. Despite this specialisation the possibility to work as a “normal” computer scientist is guaranteed by an education in all important core subjects of computer science. The Bachelor programme targets both foundation and specialisation subjects. An additional objective is to prepare the students for a consecutive Master programme in computer science.

Mandatory courses: Foundations of Computer Science (Object-oriented Programming; Data Structures and Algorithms; Theoretical Computer Science; C/C++ Programming), Hard- and Software Systems (System Administration; Computer Networks; Web Technologies; Game Programming; Game Console Programming; Tool and Plug-In Programming), Software Engineering (Software Design and Test; Software Management; Graphical User Interfaces), Technical Foundations (Computer Engineering), Mathematics (Principles of Mathematics; Linear Algebra; Applied Mathematics), Multimedia Applications (Digital Media; Digital Games; Introductory Computer Graphics), General Fundamentals (Scientific Skills; English; Online and Media Law), Seminar, Practical Projects (Media Project; Interdisciplinary Team Project).

Elective courses: Courses to the extent of 20 ECTS credits to be selected from the current elective courses of the Bachelor programme Computer Science - Digital Media and Games.

Bachelor thesis (3 months)

The programme is offered exclusively in German.
Further information can be found here.

Key facts

Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)

Beginning of the programme
winter and summer semester

Length of Programme
6 semesters

Access Requirements

Place of study
Main Campus Trier, Schneidershof

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