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1. Uwe Schurwanz

Uwe Schurwanz | Beschäftigter Personalabteilung, u.schurwanz@umwelt-campus.de, +49 6782 17-1305, 9924, 143, 9924-143

contactBirkenfeld URL: /en/search-for-persons/detail-of-person/contact/uwe-schurwanz-206

2. Internet access in the dormitories

Internet access in the dormitories Open the IP settings of your network card at your device: Start → Settings → Network and Internet In the right column under Change Network Settings, select Change Adapter Options. Right click on Ethernet →

URL: https://www.umwelt-campus.de/en/it-department/students/internet-access-in-the-dormitories

3. Prof. Dr. Klaus Brinkmann

Automation in Power Technology Energy Management Energy and Efficiency Energy Systems Technology Optimisation of Complex Energy Supply Systems Building and Energy System Technique Complex Energy Supply Systems and Control Renewable

URL: https://www.umwelt-campus.de/en/persoenliche-webseiten/prof-dr-klaus-brinkmann

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