Food Economy (M.Eng.)

Degree: Master of Engineering (M.Eng.)

The Master's Degree Program in Food Economics (M.Eng.) has the general goal of providing students with a Bachelor's degree in Food Technology a higher-quality degree as a prerequisite for a Ph.D program.

In addition to the bachelor's program, the study of the food economy (M.Eng.) offer competences for taking over management responsibilities in the food industry.

The master program in food economy (M.Eng.) has a modular structure and begins in summer term with the first semester. In the winter semester, the 2nd semester, is as well open for beginner. Enrollment is possible in summer and winter semester.

Contact persons for foreign university students and cooperations

Trier University of Applied Sciences
Food Technology
54293 Trier

Further information for foreign students


Key Facts

Start of studies: winter semester / summer semester 

Standard period of study: 3 semesters (90 ECTS) 

Course language: German (selected moduls bilingual; elective moduls in English)

Admission Restriction: Previous tertiary education must have a grade point average of good (2.5) or better

Application procedure

Location: Main Campus Trier, Schneidershof 

Form of study: Master's program (M.Eng.) 

Prerequisite: Professionally qualifying university degree in the fields of food technology, food engineering, food science, biotechnology, life science, nutrition science or another related degree course with at least 210 ECTS credits, good language skills in German (Level C1) 

Tuition: no

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