Prof. Dr.-Ing. Enrico Careglio

Enrico Careglio (Prof., Dr., Dipl.-Ing.)

Prof. Dr. Enrico Careglio has a Diploma of Engineering in food technology and a master's degree in food and nutrition sciences.
His doctoral thesis took him to the UK and Italy, where he obtained his PhD in Biochemistry under the topic: "Effect of UV-B radiation on the genetic expression of (+) menthofuran synthase (Cytochrome P450s) in Mentha x piperita L. (Black Mitcham)".

Prof. Dr. E. Careglio worked for 15 years in a leading European confectionery group with periods abroad in Italy and France. His activities ranged from technological recipe support under qualitative aspects, basic research in the special field of raw materials, and innovative product development under special nutritional and food law.

Prof. Dr. E. Careglio has been at Trier University of Applied Sciences since April 2010.

Prof. Dr. E. Careglio is head of the department of food sensory analysis/product development and is responsible for the laboratory of physical measurement methods.

Prof. Dr. E. Careglio has defined the following topics as the main areas of research:

  • The field of confectionery technology (e.g. physical measurement methods NMR/DSC)
  • Creation of alternative raw material concepts for general product development with a focus on health and sustainability
  • Cooperation with start-ups in general product development (via student projects = no consulting services!)



  • Fundamentals of food technology
  • Food sensory science, law and statistics
  • Quality and environmental management
  • Product development
  • Nutritional Physiology


  • Confectionery Technology
  • Product design
Prof. Dr. Enrico Careglio
Prof. Dr. Enrico Careglio
Professor FB Bauen + Leben - FR Lebensmitteltechnik


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