Communication Design (M.A.)

Structure of the Studies

The Master's programme increasingly prepares students for independent and proactive work as well as, among other things, for managerial tasks in later professional life. In addition to the further development of design skills, the examination of a broader theoretical context of design in the fields of art, cultural studies, design and communication studies as well as cultural economics and ethics is of importance. In order to do justice to the individual abilities and interests of the students, the Master is organised in an interdisciplinary form; this means that the students can compile their study contents from a diverse portfolio of events and subject modules - suitable to their chosen project.

The programme lasts four semesters and includes a qualifying practical semester, which can also be completed as a semester abroad or as a practical project in research and development projects at the university. The Master's programme can be built on the 6-semester Bachelor's programme if it is suitable. The Master's programme is also possible as a 3-semester programme following the 7-semester Bachelor's programme, provided that the practical semester completed there can be recognised by appropriate additional benefits.

In the field of study Communication - Design - Media, the Master's programme builds on the qualifications and competences acquired in the Bachelor's programme in Communication Design and develops them further to enable students to work independently in the fields of design and art, scientific systematics and critical-constructive reflection in dealing with the respective design and mediation tasks. In this Master's programme, the teaching of problem-solving competence is combined with a clear focus on innovative design results and processes. In order to achieve this goal, an interdisciplinary approach is pursued that shapes the entire course.

Occupational Fields

The Master's programme provides the basis for the assumption of management functions within the framework of a versatile professional practice in design, media and advertising agencies, in primary and secondary areas of the communication and media industry, in publishing houses and television stations, in service and industrial companies as well as in educational and cultural institutions in which complex communication tasks have to be dealt with. Last but not least, this course also prepares students for freelance work and encourages them to set up in business.

Fields of Study
  • Book art
  • Design Body Space
  • Intercultural and Interdisciplinary Thinking and Acting
  • metadesign metamedia
  • Design Typography
  • Theory and practice of narrative films and TV commercials
  • Visualization, Communication Science
  • Scientific Communication
  • Art, Design and Cultural Studies
  • Culture and creative industries
  • Design of interactive systems
  • Media in space
  • History of media culture
  • Design of playful systems
  • Design Management
Equipment / Workshops
  • Printing workshop and screen printing workshop
  • computer pool
  • Lead typesetting and bookbinding workshop
  • Original graphic techniques (e.g. linoleum and woodcuts, etching)
  • photo studio
  • 3D printer
  • model making 
Application and Enrollment

Steps to a Successful Master Application

  • written application by 8 January / 1 July each year
    with the following application documents:
  • Application for Master's degree in Communication Design
  • Project sketch with annex
  • Portfolio with 3-5 independent work samples
  • letter of motivation
  • Proof of university degree (BA or diploma certificate)
  • Curriculum vitae in tabular form with passport photograph
  • Proof of sufficient knowledge of the German language (applicants with German as their mother tongue are excepted)

At a glance

  • Start of studies: summer and winter semester
  • Standard period of study: 2 semesters
                                                 3 semesters
                                                 4 semesters
  • Restriction on admission (N.C.): No
  • Location: Paulusplatz Trier
  • Type of study: Master's programmes
  • Submission of application documents: 07.01.2019, 12:00 o'clock
  • Tuition fee: none
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