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In essence, communication design means the effective conveyance of messages to different target and addressee groups through visual and media concepts and different communicative strategies. The design work is oriented towards individual tasks and searches for suitable, effective and specific problem solutions. The focus is less on individual creative work than on graphic systems and communication design concepts. This requires thinking, planning and designing in conceptual contexts. This describes a broad as well as varied field of tasks in which students can acquire a wide range of competences and skills during the Bachelor's programme and the subsequent Master's programme. Communication design is the visualization artist among the design courses. Due to the constantly developing design and media technologies, there are always new design and communicative possibilities and tasks that make the professional field of a communication designer dynamic and exciting.




Asbagholmodjahedin, Boback, Dipl. Des.
Special fields: Drawing / Design

Bulanda-Pantalacci, Anna, Dipl.-Graph. M.A.
Cultural representative of the Trier University of Applied Sciences
Special fields: Drawing, Design 2D, Experimental Design

Hogan, Andreas, Dipl. Des.
Head of department
Special fields: Font design, design typography

Ledwig, Christopher, Dipl. Des.
Special fields: Digital Media

Sauvant, Henriette, Dipl.-Des.
Special fields: Design Book

Schröder, PD Dr. Phil. habil. Gerald
Special fields: History of art and design

Vaske, Hermann, Dipl. Komm.
Special fields: Design Advertising, Conceptual Design

Teachers for Special Tasks

Neuer, Till, Dipl. Des., Teacher for professional practice
Special fields: Typographic basics, printing techniques, workshop management



Andres, Achim
Media Designer - Software Training

Baeger, Annina, M.A.
Assistant Department of Communication Design

Hanke, Reinhard
Secretary's office

Lutz, Bernhard-Matthias
Photo-technical basics

Morrison, Harry Alexander
Field: Original Graphic Techniques

Thieltges, Frank
Printing technique


Brenner, Thomas
Field: Photography

Morrison, Harry Alexander
Field: Original Graphic Techniques

Tänzer, Nicholas Maximilian
Field: Psychology

Willems, Edouard
Field: Bookbinding

Yesilcimen, Dogukan
Field: Job description / Professional practice

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