Communication Design (B.A.)

Working with a wide variety of media within a dynamic, constantly changing media world provides an exciting, varied and challenging working environment for communication designers. The qualification requirements for this are extensive and wide-ranging knowledge and skills in the fields of theory and design. The aim of the Bachelor's programme is to acquire a broad knowledge of the various specialist disciplines and to train specialist focal points according to one's own interests. This is guaranteed by a combination of an intensive teaching of the basics and a wide range of optional modules. As a result, the programme promotes the development of students' contemporary and multi-faceted design portfolios and imparts scientific-theoretical, technical and above all artistic-design knowledge and skills through its practical orientation.

At a glance

  • Start of studies: summer and winter semester
  • Standard period of study: 7 semesters (210 ECTS)
  • Restriction on admission (N.C.): No
  • Location: Paulusplatz Trier
  • Type of study: Bachelor programmes
  • Portfolio delivery: 14.05.2021, 12:00 o'clock
  • Qualifying examination: 09.06.2021 and 10.06.2021
  • Tuition fee: none
Structure of the Studies

The Bachelor of Communication Design is offered in three courses of study with different numbers of semesters: six, seven or eight semesters. In addition to the study semesters, the seven-semester course also includes a practical semester, which can be completed as a design internship, as a semester abroad or as a practical project at the university. The eight-semester study variant has an additional in-depth semester. Due to this modular structure, every student has the possibility to individually adapt the duration of studies to his previous knowledge and needs. All three Communication Design programmes of the Bachelor's programme are based on a two-part structure: in the first phase, the first three semesters, theoretical and practical fundamentals of design are taught. The second part of the programme, which can comprise three to four semesters, serves to deepen the knowledge, is more project-oriented and enables further profiling. An extensive range of subjects and courses helps students to set individual priorities. The last semester serves to prepare the Bachelor's thesis, the so-called Bachelorthesis.

Occupational Fields

The bachelor's degree in communication design then opens up numerous perspectives and opportunities. For further qualification or specialisation, Bachelor graduates have the opportunity to follow a Master's programme. This advanced course prepares students increasingly for independent and proactive work as well as, among other things, for managerial positions.

But a direct entry into professional life is also possible with the Bachelor of Arts degree, e.g. in the following fields of activity of communication design: design, advertising, branding, marketing, trade fair, product and media agencies, publishing houses and editorial offices, industrial and commercial enterprises as well as associations with their own design department, radio and television stations, facility houses in entertainment, music, film, online and offline games, social networks, cultural institutions - educational sector, public relations of authorities, institutions, associations and companies as well as in many other areas of the media and communications sector. Another option is to work independently as a designer or even to set up your own design agency.

Fields of Study
  • Book design / Book illustration
  • Digital Media / Digital Painting
  • Experimental Design
  • photography
  • Original graphic techniques
  • Exhibition design
  • Typography / Font design
  • New Media / Video
  • publicity
  • Drawing and character design
  • Art and Design Studies
  • Marketing / Law / Economy
  • Advertising, Consumer & Communication Psychology
  • field trips
  • Circle lectures
Equipment / Workshops
  • Printing workshop and screen printing workshop
  • computer pool
  • Lead typesetting and bookbinding workshop
  • Original graphic techniques (e.g. linoleum and woodcuts, etching)
  • photo studio
  • 3D printer
  • model making
  • studio
Application and Enrollment

Steps to a Successful Bachelor Application

1. submission of the folder/folder examination

2. participation and passing of the aptitude test

3. application for a study place

Submission of the folders for the summer semester 2019
Thursday, 08 Novmeber 2018, 12:00 p.m.
at the secretariat of FR Kommunikationsdesign, Room 110, Geb. S, Paulusplatz 4, 54206 Trier, Germany

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