Architecture at Trier University of Applied Science

The architecture faculty is part of the design department, which also includes Gemstones and Jewellery,  Interior Design, Intermedia Design, Communication Design and Fashion Design.

Our full time program demands social skills, the willingness to perform well, communicate your ideas and work as a team. The education is structured into lectures, seminars, tutorials and critics. We ancourage the direct communication between our students and the faculty staff.

Next to artistic, designing oriented courses we offer constructional, technical courses. The essential modules are structured as interdisciplinary projects to be develop in teams and larger groups. These modules focus among others on crossdisciplinary knowlegde, techniques and operating principles.

International projects are firmly integrated in the curriculum. Past projects covered cities like Vienna, London, Copenhagen, Amsterdem, Luxembourg, Brüssel and Dresden - to name a few. Students get access to the international network while they are still studying. We also highly encourage our students to be part of an exchange program. Our network of cooperating universities spreads over the whole world and grows further.

Cooperation with architects, architecture related firms and the industry as well as research facilities support our students through support programs and advancement awards. Our faculty maintains close contact with renowned architecture practices nationally and internationally.

Our students have to opportunity to engage in a variety of honorary work by being a part of our student council or by supporting our faculty staff in tutoring programs.

After completing the minimum five years of studying and an additional appropriate period of practical training our graduates are eligible to the admission into the national and international Chamber of Architects. In regards of international regulations the profession of the architect can be executed worldwide.

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