Occupational Therapy (B.Sc.)

In cooperation with the Schools of Occupational Therapy at the Elisabeth Foundation of the German Red Cross in Birkenfeld and at the MEDISCHULEN in Trier, the Department of Computer Science offers the dual Bachelor's degree program in Occupational Therapy with integrated vocational training.

Programme Learning Outcomes

The dual Bachelor program in Occupational Therapy with integrated vocational training aims at imparting broad basic knowledge about methods and theories of Occupational Therapy. By increasing their specialist knowledge, graduates are particularly qualified to act on evidence. The combination of the Bachelor’s program with a professional training in clinical practice results in a close interlocking of practical and university qualifications at a high level.

Having obtained their university degree, graduates master the demands of professional practice using current scientific theories and methods. They are able to conduct theory-based examinations of patients who are affected by illness and disabilities and to treat them effectively. In order to do so, they combine current evidence with their personal competences as well as with the patient’s individual demands. In the process, they are able to work self-reliantly, self-dependently, and interprofessionally. They enable clients to reobtain their ability to act, adapt their environmental conditions, and ensure their participation in meaningful activities. They are able to reflect and evaluate their actions scientifically. The related tasks of documentation, quality assurance, and management can be conducted in accordance with the requirements of social law applicable to prevention, therapy, and rehabilitation.

Modules of basic studies: Foundations of Occupational Therapy Practice; General and Specific Pathology; Foundations of Anatomy and Physiology; Foundations of Social Sciences; Occupational Therapy Treatment in Evaluation and Intervention; Methodical Application of Occupational Therapy in the different professional Fields

Modules of major studies - Mandatory courses: Introduction to Scientific Methods; Health Sciences; Health Technology; Occupational Therapy Science; Foundations of Diagnostics; Andragogy; Evidence-based Practice in Occupational Therapy; Diagnostics (Consolidation); Health Management; Information Technology in Health Care; Practical Project I and II

Modules of major studies - Elective courses: One course to be selected from the current elective courses of the Bachelor programme Occupational Therapy

Bachelor thesis including colloquium

The programme is offered exclusively in German.
Further information can be found here.


Type of programme
Dual (training-integrated) Bachelor's degree programme

Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)

Beginning of the programme
Winter semester

Length of Programme
6 semesters

Place of study
Department of Computer Science
Main Campus Trier, Schneidershof

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