Department of Computer Science

Degree Programs

The department of ‘Computer Science and Therapy Science’ with its 1,300 students provides a wide variety of application-oriented teaching and research in an excellent atmosphere. Apart from degree programmes in general ‘Computer Science’ we also offer specialisations in ‘Digital Media and Games’ and ‘Medical Informatics’. Our master programmes open further possibilities for individual studies. We pay great attention to teaching quality and support for our students. Lectures, hands-on exercises and seminars together with tutorials and teamwork on R&D-projects complete our curricula.

Therapy Science: The dual bachelor’s programme with integrated vocational training leads to a close linkage of theoretical background and practical skills. Within the bachelor’s programme, students learn to work self-reflected as well as interdisciplinary, and critically assess therapeutic measures and research. On this basis, they get qualified to combine their own clinical experiences with the current research and the needs and wishes of the patients to ensure the best possible therapy.

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