Electrical Engineering (M.Sc.)

In the master's degree programme "Electrical Engineering" students deepen their knowledge in all relevant areas of electricity and electronics. Moreover, they acquire the appropriate social skills necessary for a successful career. The programme thus qualifies for leadership and management tasks in a technical environment in industry, the service sector or higher public service. In addition, it opens up the possibility for further academic qualification with the goal of a doctorate, which can be carried out at a university or within the framework of a cooperative procedure here at Trier University of Applied Sciences.

Some of the courses are tought in English. For further information please click here.

At a glance

Qualification for leadership and management tasks in a technical environment

Master of Science (M.Sc.)

Start of study:
Summer or winter semester

Standard period of study:
3 semesters (90 ECTS)

Bachelor's or diploma degree in electrical engineering or a related course of study with an overall grade of at least "good"

Admission restriction (N.C.):

Study location:
Main Campus Trier

Tuition fee:
None, but semester fee (including semester ticket)

Areas of specialisation:
Automation & Energy | Information Technology & Electronics | Medical Engineering

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Prof. Dr. Matthias Scherer
Prof. Dr. Matthias Scherer
Studiengangsleiter FB Technik - Electrical Engineering


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