Cooperative Study Programme Mechanical Engineering (B.Eng)

The combination of technical vocational training with a bachelor's degree programme means you are optimally equipped to enter one of the many innovative industrial companies around the world.


At a glance

  • Study model: apprenticeship-integrated (academic studies + vocational training)
  • Degree: Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng.) + professional qualification
  • Beginning of the course: winter semester
  • Standard period of study: 1 Year + 7 semesters (210 ECTS) + practical year in the company beforehand = 4,5 years
  • Admission restriction (N.C.): none
  • Place of Study: Main Campus Trier
  • Tuition fee: none, but semester fee (including semester ticket)

Requirements for enrolment

  1. Completed vocational training contract in an industrial company, e.g. as an industrial mechanic, started vocational training , typically in the first year of apprenticeship.
  2. Cooperation agreement between the company providing the training and the higher education institution.
  3. Higher education entrance qualification: General higher education entrance qualification, entrance qualification for a university of applied sciences or special entrance qualification for vocationally qualified persons
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