Food Technology

Welcome to the department food technology!

Food technology belongs to the scientific disciplines and deals with the system and the structures of the production processes of food as well as the material processes of physical, chemical and biological changes during the production of foods. The study is interdisciplinary and includes various natural sciences, engineering, economics and specialized subjects. The study includes a high level of practical relevance and an intensive cooperation with companies of the food industry.

In undergraduate studies, students should acquire special knowledge in order to produce suitable foodstuffs from appropriate raw materials with defined quality in accordance to the technical, technological, nutritional, environmental and economic aspects.

The master's degree in food economy provides qualifications for taking over management responsibilities in food industry. In particular, students should be able to gain competence in the field of planning, management and leadership tasks for industry operations.

The bachelor program (B. Eng.) of food technology is offered at the Trier University of Applied Sinces with the specialization in a) safety and quality of food or b) product development and process technology. Since winter semester 2017/18. The study program was completed with the master's program (M. Eng.) in food economy in summer semester 2012.

Thanks to their broad orientation, graduates in all sub-sectors of the food industry and related industries, such as the pharmaceutical or cosmetics industry, are able to achieve career opportunities.

The Department of food technology offer students a practical training by intensive cooperation between university and company, realized across internships, practical projects and final thesis with a high practical reference.

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