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The start of a course of study is usually associated with many questions and often also with uncertainties: What will my fellow students and lecturers be like? Will I find my way around at the university? What requirements will I have to meet? Is my previous knowledge sufficient? In order to make the start of your studies as easy as possible, there are many supporting offers at Trier University of Applied Sciences and in the Department of Engineering.

1. Information afternoon for prospective students

Choosing a field of study and a place to study is a far-reaching personal decision. Therefore, it is important to inform yourself as well as possible. This afternoon offers all applicants to the Department of Engineering the opportunity to get to know the place and subject of study and to exchange ideas with students, academic staff and professors. Any remaining questions can be clarified here. An invitation to the information afternoon will be sent to all applicants in good time.

2. Bridge courses

Experience shows that the mathematical lectures are the biggest hurdle for first-year students in the first semesters. For this reason, the electrical engineering and mechanical engineering departments each offer a bridge course that specifically prepares students for the requirements to be expected there. In this way, any deficits can be identified and worked on even before the start of the study programme.

3. Mentoring-Programmes

The two mentoring programmes in mechanical and electrical engineering are designed to help students find their way around in the first few weeks of everyday study life. Students from higher semesters accompany the "newcomers" and provide information, for example, about timetables and rooms, the online platforms used or examination matters. Of course, they are also available for advice and support and, together with the student council, bring student life closer. The programmes start on the first day of the semester after the welcome by the department heads.

4. Additional Offers of Trier University of Applied Sciences

The Coordination Office for the Initial Study Phase supports first-year students at Trier University of Applied Sciences with a broad range of subject-specific and interdisciplinary services at the start of their studies. Through a variety of orientation offers, introductory events, information materials and workshops, the study ability is to be improved and the study success is to be increased in the long term.

Start of studies at the main campus


Dear first-year students,

German is not your mother tongue? You are able to communicate well in everyday situations, but have difficulties with German technical terms?

Do you think it would help you to read up on the basics of mathematics and physics in German-language books in order to familiarise yourself with the German technical terms? For this purpose, we have procured second-hand textbooks on the subjects of mathematics and physics. If required, you can pick up one or two books free of charge from Mrs Theis in B 101.

Office hours in 2022: Tuesday to Thursday 8:30 - 12:00

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Video: StudIP - english

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