Interior Design (M.A.)

The interior design field of study at Trier University of Applied Sciences offers a Master's degree course. The postgraduate course is aimed at graduates of a diploma or eight-semester bachelor's program who wish to deepen their competence in the understanding of space and who are particularly interested in a flexible, interdisciplinary education. The two-semester Master of Interior Design course is designed as a consecutive in-depth course of study to a subject-related Bachelor's course of at least 8 semesters (corresponding to 240 ECTS) or a comparable diploma course. For this purpose, the individual subjects of the School of Interior Design are available in a personally adjustable combination with theoretical-scientific teaching modules and interdisciplinary modules from the neighbouring fields of architecture, intermedia design, communication design, fashion design, gemstone / jewellery. The aim of the Master's degree course is the elaboration of the individual Master's thesis. Upon successful completion, the title Master of Arts (MA) is awarded.

Master of Arts

Content and Procedure

By fulfilling the general admission qualifications, the Master's program begins with the preparation of a project outline, which is intended to provide specific statements for the thematic discussion of interior design issues. With this content-related expertise, the student asks a professor with a proven track record for mentorship. The individual teaching areas can offer a specialisation in a specific subject. The study program is thus based on the interior design subjects


  1. Design and spatial concepts (ZUGG)
  2. Product, furniture and exhibition design (PMAD)
  3. Digital construction and design (DK+E)
  4. Technical development and design (TA+E)
  5. Extension construction and design (AK+E)

In an individual discussion, the mentor will advise which content components from other disciplines can be added to the project outline. The first semester is divided into three module groups, which form through the

  1. fields of interior design (project forum),
  2. from a theoretical-scientific module in the field of interior design (theory forum) and
  3. is composed of a module from the affiliated fields of architecture, intermedia design, communication design, fashion design, gemstones and jewellery or, if applicable, a master's module from a partner university (Poly-Forum). In the second master semester, the student writes his/her master's thesis on the basis of the knowledge acquired so far.
  • Duration: 2 semesters (incl. Master thesis)
  • Offer: Summer and winter semester
  • Application deadline: 01 July and 01 January
  • Number of study places: 4 per semester
  • Credit points: 60 ECTS
  • Academic degree: Master of Arts (MA)
Requirements / Application

Written application with the following application documents:

  • an informal application with details of previous education
  • a portfolio (5 independent work samples / work units)
  • a project outline (explanation of what is to be realised within the framework of the Master's program, as well as ideas, expectations and goals for this Master's program and why it should be the University of Applied Sciences Trier)
  • Application for the winter semester (deadline: July 1) and summer semester (deadline: 1 January) possible
Course Contents
  • Advanced Studies
  • Individual subject areas of the interior design school in individual combination with theoretical-scientific teaching modules and interdisciplinary modules from neighboring disciplines
  • Aim of the Master's program: Elaboration of the individual Master's thesis
Career Opportunities

The Master's program opens up a wide range of opportunities for graduates to develop a professional profile, for example

  • Employment in the fields of interior design, industrial design, ephemeral architecture, computer-based methods in design, construction and manufacturing, scenography and cross-border disciplines, such as intermedial architecture or signalling
  • Requirements for a PhD study or research activity
  • Employment in higher public service

At a glance

Master of Arts

Start of studies
Winter and summer semester

Standard period of study 
2 Semester

Restriction on admission
not restricted - qualification test

Form of studies
Master of Arts

Place of studies
Trier - Paulusplatz

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