Master Application

Steps to a Successful Master Application:
  • Written application by 8th January / 1st July each year
    with the following application documents:
  • Application for master's degree in communication design here
  • Project sketch with annex
  • Portfolio with 3-5 independent work samples
  • letter of motivation
  • Proof of university degree (BA or diploma certificate)
  • Curriculum vitae in tabular form with passport photograph
  • Proof of sufficient knowledge of the German language, C1 language certificate (applicants with German as their mother tongue are excluded)
Project Outline With Annex

- Brief description (see Master's program application)
- Attachment Project outline

Please include a detailed description of your project outline, which explains what the applicant would like to realize as a master's thesis within the framework of the Master's program according to the following structure. The exposé should not exceed the length of 2 DIN A4 pages. It can be extended by some visualizations of the planned implementation.

1. Title and topic of the master's project
2. Short description / proposed topic of the master's project
3. Central questions
3. Scientific context
4. Design project / implementation
6. Bibliography / references
7. Name and address of the applicant


The portfolio consists of a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 5 independent projects. The individual work samples are to be understood as a work unit, i.e. they can consist of several individual components. They must be submitted in a print version. The submitted projects must be listed (see application) and marked accordingly in the portfolio.

The portfolio should not be larger than DIN A2 and should not include any three-dimensional works.

The papers can come from the following subject areas:
Design for print media, digital design, three-dimensional design, photography, theory work, drawing / illustration.

Letter of Motivation

In a letter of motivation on max. 1 DIN A4 page, please explain why you are aiming for a Master's degree in Communication Design and would like to study at Trier University of Applied Sciences.


Further Documents / Proofs:
  • Proof of university degree (BA or diploma certificate)
    (for foreign certificates please enclose a German translation)
  • Curriculum vitae in tabular form with passport photograph
  • Proof of sufficient knowledge of the German language
    (Applicants with German as their mother tongue are excluded)


Deadlines and dates

The deadline for submitting application documents for the summer semester is 08 January (closing date).

The deadline for submitting application documents for the winter semester is 01 July (cut-off date).


Application for summer semester 2022
by at the latest of 06. January 2021, 12:00 o'clock.

Due to the current situation, the application is submitted in digital form. If desired by the applicant, an analog version can also be submitted in addition to the digital portfolio.

Please proceed as follows

  1. Digitization of your portfolio
    You can upload your portfolio as a PDF
    Filename: 2021-MABEWERBUNG_Portfolio_Name_Vorname .pdf
  2. Project outline
    Filename: 2021-MABEWERBUNG_Projektskizze_Name_Vorname .pdf
  3. Resume
    Filename: 2021-MABEWERBUNG_Lebenslauf_Name_Vorname .pdf
  4. Proof of university degree
    Filename: 2021-MABEWERBUNG_Zeugnis_Name_Vorname .pdf
  5. Application for a Master's Degree in Communication Design
    Please attach the completed application form in digital form to the application.
    Dateibenennung: 2021-MABEWERBUNG_Antrag_Name_Vorname .pdf
  6. German language certificate (C1 certificate)
    Ausgenommen sind Bewerber mit Deutsch als Muttersprache.
    Dateibenennung: 2021-MABEWERBUNG_Sprachnachweis_Name_Vorname .pdf
  7. Create folder
    Please collect the work in a folder with the designation::
  8. File upload
    Upload the folder on the Seafile link.
    (Upload link to follow)

Address in case of additional voluntary analog delivery:
Hochschule Trier
Fachrichtung Kommunikationsdesign
Paulusplatz 4, 54290 Trier, Raum 110


General questions about the Master's degree and application:

Assistant Communication Design
Alois C. Kaufmann, B.A.
Tel.: 0651 8103 118

Arrangement of individual consulting appointments:

Prof. Christopher Ledwig

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