Prof. MSc Dipl.-Ing. Robert P. Thum

Professorship for Computational Design in Architecture, Head of the Faculty of Architecture


  •     since 2015 Head of Architecture Faculty, Design Department, Trier University of Applied Sciences
  •     since 2013 Professor of Computational Design in Architecture, Trier University of Applied Sciences
  •     2013-2016 Lectureship Design Studio 9, Architecture at the University of East London
  •     2003-2013 Head of the major in architecture at the University of East London (Diploma in Architecture Programme Leader)
  •     2003-2010 Lectureship at the Vienna University of Technology, Department of Fundamentals of the Digital   
                                          Design - Algorithmic Architecture, Institute for Architecture and Design,
                                          Department of Building Theory, Prof. Wolff-Plottegg                                                                 
  •     2002-2003 Head of the master program MSc 'Computing & Design' at the
                                          University of East London (on behalf of Prof. Coates)
  •     2001-2002 Co-director of the master program 'Virtual Environments' at the
                                          Bartlett Graduate School, University College London, Prof. Hillier
  •     2000-2003 Unit Master in Bachelor and Diploma Degree in Design
                                          University of East London
  •     1999-2001 Unit Master in intermediate diploma (Design Degree School)
                                         Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London

Professional Practice

  •     2008-2011 Clonevine 5, single family house in Lisburn, Belfast, Northern Ireland
  •     1994-1999 Ian Ritchie Architects, London
                                           Design Team Crystal Palace Concert Platform, London
                                           Design Team Royal Regatta Centre Albert Dock, London
  •     1994 Anthony Hudson Architects, London
                                           Design Team 'Baggy House' (Building of the Year 1995)
  • Education and training
  •     1993-1994 University of East London
                                           MSc degree in Computing & Design (Distinction)
  •     1992-1993 Arizona State University, USA, DAAD scholarship
  •     1990-1992 University of Stuttgart, degree course in architecture
                                            Diploma 1998 (average grade 1.0)
  •     1987-1990 Vienna University of Technology, architecture degree, intermediate diploma
  •     1977-1987 attendance of the state grammar school Konz, graduation from high school
Publications/ Exhibitions
  • 2018 July "Clubs! More clubs! And as fast as possible", in ARCH+ 232:
                        An Atlas of Commoning: Places of community work with Harald Trapp and Brian Hoy
  • 2018 June Contribution to the exhibition Atlas of Commoning: Places of Community Work
                        Kunstraum Bethanien, Berlin
  • 2018 April Contributing Editor of the ARCH+ 231: The Property Issue -
                        The land question and new common goods
  • 2018 April "The architecture of neoliberalism denies work" Interview with Douglas Spencer,
                        in ARCH+ 231: The Property Issue - On the land question and new common property.
  • 2018 April/May 'capital architecture' - Exhibition on the relevance of Marxist theories to the
                                  Analysis of contemporary architecture at the European Academy of Fine Arts Trier;

    A collaboration with Dr. Harald Trapp, University of East London. With video interviews with internationally renowned architects and sociologists - Massimo De Angelis, Mario Carpo, Alois Hahn, Anna Minton, Patrik Schumacher and Douglas Spencer -, the photo series "Working Men's Club" by London photographer Immo Klink and the room installation "Akkumulator" (Harald Trapp, Robert Thum).
  • 2012           “Japanese Junction”, Public Exhibition in Tokio

    Japanese Junction is an exhibition that celebrates Japanese students studying at overseas schools.  In December 2011 to January 2012 UeL diploma unit 9 projects were exhibited together with twenty-two participants from fourteen schools round the world in in the architecture gallery of the Japanese publishing company Shinkenchiku and A+U Publishing in Tokyo.
  • 2011           “Village in City - Migrant Workers and the Civic City”, Workshop with GAFA

    In the ‘Guangzhou - Village in City’ Exhibition student projects propose civic programmes for the migrant worker population of the Tianhe Cun village in Guangzhou, China. These dense pockets of crooked allies in a sea of faceless speculative mass dwelling and office towers form the precarious habitat of China’s migrant worker population.
  • 2010           “Off Site City”, Installation and Public Exhibition at the Building Centre London
  • 2005           “Yoshiwara – Construction of Site”, Public Exhibition at the Jerwood Gallery, London
  • 2003           “Interacting Unities: An Agent-Based System”, A. Turner, R. Thum,  Generative Art Milan

    The paper explores the interaction between pedestrians and their environment by regarding it as a process occurring between the two. It is hypothesized that the recurrent interaction between pedestrians and environment can lead to a structural coupling between those elements.
  • 2002           “Architectural Design and Problem Worrying”
                        in: “Trespassing – Shaping Spatial Practice”, Sezession Vienna 2002,
                        Conference paper presentation and Exhibition

    The Trespassing project has approached issues of emerging new forms of spatial practices by establishing a producers’ forum and investigating the potentials of contemporary production conditions. In preparation for the exhibition, strategies, methods and contents were reflected I studio interviews, and discussed in a joint workshop with theoreticians from various fields.
  • 2002           “Dust Plates & Blobs”, Coates, Thum & Derix, Generative Art Milan 2002,
  • 2001           “Self Organising Space”, Thum & Derix, Generative Art Milan 2001,                                                 
  • 2000           “Parallel Architecture and Agent Based Modelling”, Coates & Thum
                        Greenwich 2000 University of Greenwich London 2000
  •     2018 Digitization of work and its impact on spatial production
                     using the example of Gig Economy and platform capitalism with Dr. Harald Trapp
  •     2018 Community housing between alienation and resonance
                      together with Prof. Johannes Kopp, University of Trier, Prof. Rüdiger Jacob, University of Trier
                     and Prof. Jan-Henrik Hafke, University of Trier
  •     2018 Spatial production and living conditions under neoliberal urban development
                     (partly published as "capital architecture")
  •     2016 Parametric timber construction: Polymer concrete connecting node systems
                     for complex beam structures Utility model protection No. 20 2016 004 575
                     and connecting node systems made of polymer concrete for complex beam structures
                     with lost formwork made in 3D printing process -
                     Utility model protection No. 20 2016 004 572
  •     2012 "Higher Education and the Civic City", University of East London
  •     2011 "From Village to City - Conglomerate Growth of Guangzhou's
                     Migrant Workers Urban Quarters", University of East London
  •     2010 "Off Site, Prefabrication from Balloon Frame to CNC Production",
                     University of East London
  •     2007 "Conglomerate Urban, Urban Fields from Beijing's Hutongs to Carabanchel",
                     University of East London
  •     2005 "VIPA EU - Consortium for Virtual Campus for Architects", University of East London,
                      in cooperation with: Aarhus University, TU Vienna, University of Ljubljana
  •     2005 "Contagious Space" AHRB Proposal, University of East London, in cooperation
                      with: Goldsmith College - School of Social Sciences, Media and Cultural Studies
  •     2004 "Urbs II", EU Erasmus, Socrates Programme, University of East London,
                      in cooperation with: FH Trier urb-2 / urban research lab,
  •     2004 "Form to Production", Research CAD - CAM I, University of East London

Room D102

Consultation by Appointment


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