Prof. Dr.-Ing. Architect Matthias Sieveke

Professorship for Construction and Building Technology, Dean of the Design Department

Teaching and university work

  •     1994 - 2000 Scientific assistant for research and teaching at the TU Munich
  •     2001 - 2002 Lecturer at the Chair of Building Climatology, TU Munich
  •     2006 Professor at the University of Trier
  •     2013 - 2014 Head of the Department of Architecture
  •     since 2014 Dean, Department of Design

Professional Practice

  •     1989 - 1993 Architect at the office of Prof. Dr. (hc) Ackermann und Partner, Munich
  •     1993 - 2000 Freelance architect in various partnerships, Atelier Tegernseer Landstrasse, Munich
  •     since 2000 Sieveke Architects BDA Munich and Trier

Education and training

  •     1981 - 1984 Studied architecture in Münster, Dipl.-Ing. (FH)
  •     1984 - 1989 and Stuttgart, Dipl.-Ing. (Univ.)
  •     2000 Doctorate (Dr.-Ing.) at the TU Munich
                                  Main Reporter: Prof. Dr. (Univ. Rome) Thomas Herzog
                                  Co-rapporteur: Prof. Dr.- Ing. Gerhard Hausladen 
Selected Projects
  •     Pergolas for the Federal Garden Show Munich
  •     Annweiler forestry depot at Trifels
  •     Fountain and community square Dienstweiler
  •     Environmental sports hallCampusBirkenfeld (with planart Kaiserslautern)
  •     Motor Show Building Munich
  •     Residential buildings in Tutzig, Lauenau, Lohne, etc.
  •     Revitalisation and extension of townhouses Trier
  •     Flakhalle, DGH Deimberg
  •     Revitalisation DGH (castle) Dasburg
  •     Inner city development Trittenheim
Academic (Cooperation) Projects
  • Student Centered Learning, Project Manager
  • Development of an "Asian University Network" Universities in China, Taiwan and Japan
  • Design and Culture Days Trier 2015, 2018
Lectures, Contributions, Awards
  •     Scientific Committee "Passive and Low Energy Architecture (PLEA)" Hong Kong 201
  •     Lecture TU Munich, University of Kassel, NTUT Taipei, TDI (Taiwan Development Institute)
  •     Our village has a future RLP" juror since 2014                   
  •     Peer Reviewer "Passive and Low Energy Architecture (PLEA)" Munich 2013
  •     BDA- travelling exhibition, new appointments 2007 - 2008
  •     BDA Prize Bavaria 2006, Nomination
  •     BDA- travelling exhibition (group exhibition): contemporary architecture
    In: Murnau, Garmisch, Schongau, Landsberg; 1999 - 2000
  •     Architecture award of the Ziegelforum e.V.
  •     "Modifiable residential buildings in massive brick construction", prizewinner                   
  •     Patent and utility model protection "Thermal liquid storage tank

Publications Teaching and Sudies

  •     Publication Department of Design - Hochschule Trier 2014, publisher
  •     Publication Design- und Kulturtage 2015, Publisher
  •     "Architect - the beautiful occupation" in "Berufsstart Technik", 2014
  •     "Studied architecture at the University of Trier" in the Association of German Master Builders BDB
  •     Energetic Design, Design and Formfinding Processes, 2009 - 2010
  •     Architecture Symposium Sustainability and Certification Systems, 2011
  •     Architecture Symposium "Complexity", 2012
  •     Revitalization of the Lokrichthalle Trier, 2014
  •     Various excursion readers: Switzerland, Italy, Portugal, Denmark etc.

Publications (Selection)

  •     Building-integrated photovoltaics
    Sports Hall for the Environment Campus Birkenfeld
    Banz Monastery, Bad Staffelstein, 2017                   
  •     Sports Hall for the Environment Campus Birkenfeld
    Revue technique, Lux 2016
  •     Energetic Design
    Design and Formfinding Processes
    International Congress, Erfurt/ Weimar
  •      World Culture and Modernity Trier
    Conference Trier 2010
  •     Trier is not yet built to death
    in "Macher", Trier Volksfreund
  •     "Sun protection of the special kind"
    Dr. Helge Hartwig; Architect: Matthias Sieveke
    Glaswelt 2004 and Technology & Materials
  •     Thomas Herzog and Matthias Sieveke
    "In three-stroke heavenwards."
    High-rise building in wood
    Raised ground floor 2002
  •     Excellent architecture in Bavaria
    Arbours for the Federal Horticultural Show
    BDA Prize Bavaria; Publisher Anton Pustet; 2008
  •     Paradise with arbour
    Ed. Stefan Leppert
    DVA, Stuttgart 2008
  •     change of perspective
    Small gardens; architects: Dr. Matthias Sieveke and Sonja Weber
    Buga 05, Publishing House Callwey, Munich 2005                      
  •     14th Symposium Thermal Solar Energy
    Dr. Matthias Sieveke "Water wall with storage capacity"
    Otti Energy College, Banz Monastery
  •     Thomas Herzog, Architecture and Technology
    Matthias Sieveke, Thermal Fluid Storage
    p. 186, 187, Publisher Prestel, 2001
  •     Residential house district Starnberg
    In: Farmhouses in Bavaria, vol. 2
    Publisher Hugendubel, Munich 1998
  •      Sieveke, Matthias: Residential house in Tutzing
    In: Single family houses
    DVA Stuttgart 1997
  •     Planning - Young Architects
    Matthias Sieveke: Intention; Elementary Basic Forms
    the building centre


Possibilities of constructive training and structural integration
of subsequently installed thermal liquid storage tanks for the
Short-term operation for the use of solar irradiation energy with time-delayed
Heat output, Munich 2000


  •     Lauben for the Federal Horticultural Show 2005
    Sieveke Architects
  • TU Lantern Munich
    Architect: Matthias Sieveke
    www.arc-journal, 12-2003

As a student

  •     Prof. Dr. techn. h.c. Kurt Ackermann
    Architect - Engineer, University of Stuttgart
    Matthias Sieveke, Christian Brunner
    P. 97 - 99; P. 147 - 150; DVA Stuttgart 1997
  •     Constructa Prize for Students 90, 1st Prize
    Promotion prize of the German cement industry, 1st prize
  •     Chamber of Architects Bavaria
  •     Association of German Architects BDA
  •     Baukultur Trier
  •     Trier Forum

Room D210

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