Cooperative Study Programme Electrical Engineering (B.Eng.)

High quality studies paired with practical training - this is the opportunity offered by the cooperative study programme in electrical engineering. It combines an in-depth engineering degree with vocational training or internship phases in a company and is an excellent qualification for a successful and varied professional future.

The cooperative study programme offers companies the opportunity to recruit particularly qualified and motivated employees and to retain them at an early stage. Students gain intensive insights into company structures and processes right from the start and establish important contact networks. A secure income also enables financial independence even during their studies.

At a glance

  • Study models
    apprenticeship-integrated: academic studies + vocational training
    internship-integrated: academic studies + in-company training
  • Degree
    Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng.) + professional qualification or certified work experience
  • Beginning of the course
    winter semester
  • Standard period of study:
    7 semesters (210 ECTS) + practical year in the company beforehand (apprenticeship-integrated only)
  • Admission restriction (N.C.)
  • Requirements
    general higher education entrance qualification, entrance qualification for universities of applied sciences or special access for professionally qualified persons
    apprenticeship or internship contract with a cooperating company
  • Place of Study
    Main Campus Trier
  • Tuition fee
    none, but semester fee (including semester ticket)
  • Areas of specialisation
    Automation & Energy | Information Technology & Electronics

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