The interior design department offers its students the opportunity to develop prototypes and models in the in-house metal, plastic and wood workshops. In order to be able to work in the workshops, due to the liability risk, proof of basic knowledge is required beforehand. In the Bachelor's program, modules are offered for this purpose in the first two semesters.

For other students of the Faculty of Design it is also possible to use these modules for the implementation of study-related projects, but in this case, in addition to proof of basic knowledge, a confirmation of the supervising professor and a three-page project description is required. The confirmation must be countersigned by a professor of interior design responsible for the workshops (wood and metal: Prof Krapf).

In order to use the wood or metal workshop with the above mentioned requirements, interested parties should first make an appointment for consultation with the respective workshop manager. In this meeting the required materials and the possibilities of the machines will be agreed upon. Materials are to be brought by yourself.


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