Prof. Jan-Henrik Hafke

Professorship for Design and Building Theory

  • Born in 1976
  •     1997 - 2005 Studied architecture at the TU Darmstadt and the ETSAM Madrid
  •     2008 - 2009 freelance author for Birkhäuser Verlag
  •     2010 - 2016 research associate at the department of design and building construction with Professors Wolfgang Lorch, Gernot Schulz and Felix Wächter, TU Darmstadt
  •     2006 foundation of o5 architekten+ingenieure with Joachim Raab
  •     since 2009 o5 Architects BDA Raab Hafke Lang, Frankfurt a.M. with Joachim Raab and Ruben Lang
  •     2011 Appointment to the BDA
  •     since 2016 Speaker at AKJAA
  •     Since 2017 Professorship for Design and Building Science at the University of Applied Sciences Trier

Room D202


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