Specialisation in building, supply and energy technology

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Our graduates should realize economical, efficient and environmentally friendly technical plants in the field of building, supply and energy technology and thus actively help to shape the energy revolution. In doing so, they always keep an eye on safety, complexity, installation effort, ease of maintenance and service life of the systems. They are familiar with the relevant laws, regulations, standards and directives in their field of specialisation and can apply them in practice.

The area of building, supply and energy technology at the Trier University of Applied Sciences is traditionally very broad. It comprises the supply of buildings (residential buildings, office buildings, hospitals, industrial halls, production plants, etc.) with gas, air, water, steam, compressed air, electrical power, heat and cold, the efficient conversion of these energy sources into other forms, the distribution within the buildings, as well as the removal, treatment, cleaning and disposal of the exhaust air, waste water and waste streams produced.

While the course of studies Technical Building Equipment and Supply Technology focuses on corresponding structures around and in buildings, i.e. essentially on the consumer side, the course of studies Energy Technology - Regenerative and Efficient Energy Systems aims at the producer side. The Energy Management programme also takes account of the growing importance of an economic energy mix. The Network Technology and Network Operation course takes into account the increasing requirements for the construction and operation of gas, water and electricity networks.

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