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Team proTRon: This is an interdisciplinary group of students in their own organization to jointly develop a sustainable vehicle concept and bring the corresponding prototype to the road. But proTRon is about more than just your own academic performance. By working in a team, you acquire important skills for your future career, make important contacts and are part of a common mission. There are many things that make project work in Team proTRon worthwhile and set it apart from the alternatives at university.


The interdisciplinary team from the fields of automotive engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, computer science, business administration and design consists of approximately 70 students. Thanks to a lively technology transfer between industry and university, the project has a broad basis of cooperation. The students acquire specialist knowledge and gain practical experience in future-relevant technical areas such as lightweight construction, electric drives and fuel cells. In this project, the emerging trends of electromobility and energy efficiency are addressed and the competencies available at Trier University of Applied Sciences in this regard are bundled.

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Industry contacts

In the proTRon project, we work with many different companies from industry. This ranges from informative plant tours and educational workshops to sponsored or supervised final theses.


Of course, working in a team is the main focus for us. Large work packages are divided among several projects and you work together on a solution or continue the work of another person. In many cases, you even work on a task together and if not, you can always be sure of the support of the veterans in the team.

Free time

Whether billiards or karting. Poker or gambling. You can always find like-minded people here for leisure activities. And if not, there is always the common barbecue and in true engineer manner - a cold beer!

Job Relevance

Working in a medium-sized long-term project. Communicating own ideas and work progress. Documenting and researching material already developed in the context of a product development. The acquisition of various other soft skills. These are all very professionally relevant skills that can be acquired while working in the proTRon project in addition to the subject-specific knowledge.


Team proTRon means "One for all. All for one." Together we work on a future-proof and sustainable concept to contribute to a better world. To see one's own work integrated in the big overall concept can be immensely motivating.


With us, you can also really lend a hand to achieve our common goal. Every helping hand is always welcome, whether experienced or not. It doesn't matter which department you come from, anyone can help and be helped here.


In contrast to project work and organizational matters, you also get your money's worth when it comes to sports. Here you will find indoor soccer, beach volleyball and many other groups who want to do sports together.
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