Sailing excursion

"You can't control the wind, but you can always adjust your sail."
Ancient viking wisdom

And that's exactly what we do once a year when we go on a sailing trip to the Veersemeer, an Dutch inland sea. As part of our excursion week, we spend a great and valuable time together right at the water in a great bungalow park. Professors, staff and students sit together for a week, political and technical discussions are held, advice is given, life plans are developed; we practice sports like water skiing, have barbecues and make new friends - and we teach you sailing and driving on a motorboat. We show you what really counts while driving a boat, we show how sailor knots are tied, you learn what is meant by seamanship and of course we also practice the man overboard maneuver.

Incidentally, leadership skills are developed when you learn to strategically and independently steer a team that literally sits in the same boat. Being on the water you will experience nature in a very unusual way and you will find out that watersports offer you a completely new feeling of freedom. In order to keep something of this week for a lifetime, on the last day an examination committee from Germany arrives and takes the official driving license tests. That enables you to drive home with an SBF sports boat license in your pocket.

We offer the following training and exams:

  • SBF Inland under engine
  • SBF Inland under sail
  • SBF lake
  • Specialist certificate for distress signal means (FKN), the so-called "pyro license"

However, to take part in our sailing excursion (on the weekend of Ascension Day) you also have to do some preliminary work: In order not to neglect the scientific aspect of this excursion, we will conduct a series of mandatory specialist excursions and lectures from Januar onwards. During excursion week we will visit companies such as the world's largest steel manufacturer ArcelorMittal in Ghent, the Amels- Shipyard for luxury yachts (everything from € 100 million) in Vlissingen or we will also hold a large barbecue party with interesting employers such as the engineering service provider and well-known sponsor of sailing events Brunel or the GTÜ motor vehicle experts.

So then, see you! Ahoy!

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