Motorsport Engineering with ChassisSim

Anyone who has ever driven virtually around the Nordschleife in "Gran Turismo" knows exactly how important a well-set car is for achieving the fastest lap times. And anyone who has ever worked with ChassisSim knows exactly how to achieve just that.

ChassisSim is a race car and lap time simulation tool for the motor sports and automotive industry. The software enables the setup and adjustment of a racing car or a prototype. The popularity of this tool is demonstrated by its use by various motorsport teams at, for example, NASCAR, in the GP2 series or in Formula 3.

Using various toolboxes, it is possible to create aerodynamic profiles for the vehicle in addition to damper and tire settings, whereby the effects of chassis height or aero spoilers on driving resistance can be determined.

Here with us, students learn how to quickly and easily tune and adjust a racing car setup on site using this simulation tool as part of the Motorsport Engineering lecture. The goal of the students is to achieve the best possible suspension setup for a specific racetrack with a given vehicle. In this way, the knowledge gained from the lecture is deepened and applied practically.

The Australian chassis sim founder Danny Nowlan will also be giving a guest lecture at the university to explain not only approaches to determining the correct chassis setup but also the historical background of the simulation tool. Probably not without making another detour to the nearby Nürburgring.

If you enjoy motor sports and racing car technology, this is the right place to be!

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