The event was organized by the IN-Institute INTRARE (Institute for transnational education and research) under the direction of Prof. Anna Bulanda-Pantalacci (Trier University of Applied Sciences).

In collaboration with Prof. Dr. med. Gabrielle Budach (University of Luxembourg), Silvia Gessinger, Annina Baeger, Caroline Birkel and Dennis Hill organized the entire course of the symposium for Prof. Bulanda-Pantalacci.

The dean of the FB design Prof. dr. Matthias Sieveke welcomed the symposium participants from more than 20 European countries and emphasized the relevance of international and interdisciplinary cooperation and exchange. Professors from all over Europe as well as students from the University of Luxembourg and the field of communication design accepted the invitation.

In the first part of the symposium lectures were given by professors from different European countries. In the second part of the symposium in the afternoon, the participants worked together in mixed interdisciplinary workshop groups. After the groups had come together and agreed on a topic, the practical part of the event started. The teams developed ideas that they worked out in the form of collages. Within the workshop, creative concepts emerged that addressed questions from society.

The conclusion of the symposium was the presentation of the collages of the respective groups. The individual works were presented by the group in plenary and concluded with a discussion. The symposium was led by Ben Jurca, a former communication design student. Prof. Anna Bulanda-Pantalacci thanked for the dedication and the many creative solutions and ended the very successful symposium.

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