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22.05.10 00:20 Alter: 8 Jahre

Silke Rehermann gewinnt 3. Preis beim 19th Legnica International Jewellery Competition

Von: Theo Smeets

Award of the Mayor of the City of Legnica: PLN 2500 (ca. 587 €) + 1 kg of silver

copyrights: Gallery of Art in Legnica

From the jury's report:
The third price was decided to give to the piece with the best formal MINIMUM. Makers of this sort of MINIMUM are in fact confronted with a severe problem: how to reduce the form to a point where it hasn’t become “bloodless”, uninspiring and boring. Silke Rehermann has solved this in her perfectly balanced piece. It combines a simple form, unexpected materials (plastic and ceramics combined in an invisible but intriguing way), and the challenge for the wearer to use other senses: touching and even hearing: so much from so little - no doubt, price worthy!

14. März 2011