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07.01.15 18:29 Alter: 4 Jahre

Review: SCHMUCKDENKEN - Ten Years of Lateral Jewelry Thinking

Von: Sarah Rhodes

A Symposium Review.

The unexpected German train strike during the weekend of the ThinkingJewellery 10 symposium could almost be interpreted as a response to this year’s theme of “art between leisure and social responsibility.”The process of globalisation enters all areas of life: accompanied by the culmination of economical and ecological crises, ever-faster coming technical innovations…as well as the feeling of being overwhelmed, this process leads to a growing need for leisure and contemplation.


Not to be outdone by the lack of travel options, over a hundred delegates and all but one presenter managed to arrive at the small town of Idar-Oberstein, which is known for its gemstone mining and cutting history and has, over the past 10 years, gained a reputation for developing a “theory of jewelry.”

ThinkingJewellery 10 was the 10th anniversary symposium presented by the Department of Gemstone and Jewelry at the Idar-Oberstein campus of the Trier University of Applied Sciences. The overarching aim of this annual symposium is to develop a theory of jewelry through academic presentations and contemporary jewelry exhibitions. Founded in 1986, the department offers both bachelor’s and master’s of fine arts degrees in gemstones and jewelry. The MFA is taught in English and, as such, attracts a cohort of international jewelry students (current enrollment has students from more than 18 countries around the world.) In the current climate of craft-based, higher-education courses being abolished, it is heartening to see the wide-ranging, traditional facilities for gemstone and jewelry hand manufacture being fully utilized. The department has established an international artist-in-residence program, which is currently occupied by the Australian jeweler Helen Britton, and also has an extensive exhibition program.   


14. März 2011