Edelstein und Schmuck


23.11.12 16:17 Alter: 6 Jahre

Nominiert – 2 AbsolventInnen und eine Studierende bei der 6. Triennale in Tallin

Von: Valeska Link

vom 23. November 2012 bis zum 3. Februar 2013 in Tallin, Estland

Deborah Rudolph (Diplom 2010), "Beloved and Unloved Stones”, Material: Achat, Quartz, Boulder, Photo: Deborah Rudolph

Nelly van Oost, "Junction n°3 La Chaine", 255 Ketten

Alexander Friedrich (Diplom 2012), Jacket, Thread, Fabric, Foto: Luis Návar

Statement Deborah Rudolph to her work: "If you are a deeply and truly collector you don’t surround yourself just with the things you like. You want it all - the soft, the hard, the sweet, the sour, the melody, the depressive, the kitschy. I am a gemstone designer; in my work it is my credo that everything is beautiful and perfect. It is just my inner ego who selects the stones in different orders. So I also deal with stones I hate. If the color makes me sick, I go over them and I put them in black lines. I am not following their structure."

Statement Nelly van Oost: "This chain is made of 255 chains from 21 different countries. I wanted, through this project, to make tangible what is intangible, creating a jewel which would gather the impalpable connections surrounding us. The initial idea was based on the desire to understand my own connections to create a jewel with a universal reading. Many people were touched by this project and desired to take part in it. My approach consisted in involving people with different cultures and personalities in a single jewel.
 This jewel is a collection of jewels which belonged to the daily life of their former owners ; they are full of their history. This project is still exhibited with the photographs of each chain mentioning the name, the country of the person it belonged to, and its history. This necklace is, in a way, charged with a magnetic force, linking it to all these people. The chain of chains stands for the unity lying under the complexity of connections."

16. Januar 2015