Edelstein und Schmuck


22.05.10 00:03 Alter: 8 Jahre

Tabea Reulecke gewinnt 5. Preis beim 19th Legnica International Jewellery Competition

Von: Theo Smeets

"The Organizer’s Special Award for creative courage, uncompromising attitude, innovation and a sense of humour " = "Silver Spur” + 1 kg of silver

copyrights: Gallery of Art in Legnica

from the jury report:

The 5th price has been reward to Tabea Reulecke (graduate of the dept. of gemstone and jewellery design in Idar-Oberstein) for her intelligent comment on the probably most famous jewellery book of the last years. The MAXIMUM book of past, present and hopefully also future (the ones who carried it home will know what I talk about…) Reulecke’s piece is a witty comment on the jewellery scene – it is a one of a kind within the complete range of submissions.

16. Januar 2015