Edelstein und Schmuck


01.11.08 08:58 Alter: 10 Jahre

Sina Emrich gewinnt 1. Preis beim Internationalen Bernsteinwettbewerb 2008

Von: Theo Smeets

The winner of the 1st place was Sina Emrich from Germany. She was awarded a diploma and monetary prize of 5000 LT. “My jewellery is about travelling. Travelling to the inside and the outside world. Wood as a source of inspiration which I can also find everywhere gives me the opportunity to explore the whole wide world in my own special way. Wood is a very lively material and it changes all the time, it is a never ending process. That is why you can compare wood and making jewellery to travelling. Both are a process. Everything is movement, is in the flow.”

16. Januar 2015