Edelstein und Schmuck


07.09.08 00:21 Alter: 10 Jahre

NSAIO3 in der Galerie van Hoek in Brüssel

Von: Theo Smeets

Previously a grocery store, the outside facade has been left exactly as it was, to honor what it represents. The local shop around the corner, the close contact with the clientele, the seasonal availability of goods, the limited number of groceries and the respect for the individuality.

Away from shopping streets, in a quiet area behind the Avenue Louise. The specialty is art jewelry from different materials. The general mood is not "minimalistic" or "design", the term "jewelry" to be interpreted in its broadest form.

The artists are very different from each other. Some figure in private collections or specialised museums. Some make furniture, combs, little statues or prints to complement the message. All works are unique pieces.

During "vernissages", only the new creations of the artist bringing a solo are on show, on other opening days all creations available in the galery are out.

16. Januar 2015