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MEET & GREET 2 Jewellery makers from Idar-Oberstein


In its 2017/2018 winter exhibition, Museum Volkenkunde in Leiden – the Netherlands’ national museum of ethnography – will be presenting the largest collection of jewellery ever to be displayed in a Dutch museum.

Almost 1000 items of jewellery by designers from all over the world will guarantee a feast for the eye, as well as plenty of surprises and no small measure of wonder. As well as exploring how people around the world adorn themselves, the exhibition will also zoom in on the makers, the techniques they use, and the extraordinary stories of some of those who wear the jewellery.

One unique element of this exhibition is the five designers who have been invited to take a new look at the collection. In a workshop specially set up for them in the exhibition, they will make an item of jewellery inspired by the museum’s collection. Two of the makers, Amélie Spitz and Alejandra Solar, have been graduated at the University of Applied Sciences in Idar-Oberstein as Master of Fine Arts.

Thursday till Sunday, 12:00 to 14:00, there is the possibility to visit the artists in their ateliers within the exhibition and have a chat.


Karin Herwegh: until Jan. 16th,
Sebastian Carré: Jan. 20th – Feb. 19th,
Amélie Spitz: Feb. 24th – Mar. 26th. Amélie Spitz mixes traditional jewellery techniques with contemporaray applications. By using a 3D pen she has found a new way to approach classical wirework, traditionally made by metal,
Aurélie Guillaume:  Mar. 31st – Apr. 30th,
Alejandra Solar: May 5th – June 4th. The Mexican Alejandra Solar makes almost all of her jewels out of rough gemstones on which she prints images with special printing techniques. Often she uses themes as magic, nostalgia and death.

16. Januar 2015