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24.09.15 13:27 Alter: 3 Jahre

Trier University of Applied Siences, Department Gemstone and Jewellery took part at China (Guizhou)International Folk Crafts & Cultural Products Expo 2015

Von: Katharina Reimann

This September, Trier University of Applied Sciences, Department of Gemstones and Jewellery, as well as the fashion design department, had the opportunity to exhibit during the China (Guizhou)International Folk Crafts & Cultural Products Expo 2015

Evan Jishkariani, earpieces, 2011, acrylic glass, silver, agate,

Tala Yuan, Rings „zurück zu den eigenen Wurzeln“, 2012, Aventurine, layered Agate, bones, pink ivory, silver

China Guizhou Provincial Government hosted the Expo. It brings together artists from across the globe to exhibit and trade their folk handicrafts. From its small beginnings in 2006, this expo has grown in status to become a major event in China’s cultural calendar. The expo's theme is "Protection, Inheritance, Innovation and Opening". In 2013, Guizhou’s provincial government invited the International Organization of Folk Art (IOV) to take a leading role to introduce international folk art to Guizhou and enable more than 200 artists from around 50 countries to meet and collaborate. The event also saw the proclamation of the “Guizhou Manifesto on Safeguarding World Folk Arts and Crafts” which received unanimous support from the expo participants. This year Expo opened in the Gui'an New Area, Guizhou province, on Sept 24 and run until September 28. 

The 30.000 squaremeter exhibition area had 235 booths to display and sell arts and crafts, especially folk arts and cultural heritage items from Guizhou. The Expo included competition, collection, exhibition and sale. 

The exhibition section of Guizhou Expo invited our department. Two of our current students from China, Qi Wang (M.F.A. stud.) and Kun Zhang (M.F.A. stud.), were responsible for representing our department. On the first day a fashion show was hold for the opening of the Expo, showing new interpretations of traditional costumes from the Hunsrück area. Made by students of our fashion department. Provincial and municipal leaders attended the show. The next four days the school jewellery collection was exhibited. During the exhibition, the citizens were highly interested in the works of our students. Also they were really willing to know more about our University and the different artists. The two students who where in charge of the Universitys booth where also interviewed by different medias, such as Chinadaly Guizhou branch. 

They introduced the university as well as Idar-Oberstein, the City with the long history of gemstone processing. The concept of the exhibited works, a good combination of highly finished technique and unique and trendsetting ideas, was also very interesting.

16. Januar 2015