Edelstein und Schmuck


28.02.15 17:11 Alter: 3 Jahre

Soloexhibition of graduate Patricia Domingues

Von: Theo Smeets

The exhibition “Fragmenting Matter” is the first body of work Patricia Domingues will exhibit in Portugal. The viewer will have the opportunity to experience a range of pieces spanning from those made during her Master´s studies in Art Jewellery in Germany, to the development of more recent works.

Her general interest in the division of things—of earth, people, elements, processes and the spaces which define their beginnings and endings—have driven her to explore different ways of approaching and working materials.
Tracing spaces that provoke separation and facilitate unions, Patricia questions the material, fragmenting it and uniting it, creating intervals that could just as easily liberate as find new restrictions.
Fragmenting and reconstructing have been her process and the foundation of her research; she is always conscious that one cannot speak of separation without speaking of union. 

16. Januar 2015