Edelstein und Schmuck


21.12.14 18:15 Alter: 4 Jahre

MA-Absolventin Patricia Domingues stellt in der Galerie RA in Amsterdam aus


Fragmentation and Union - 10.01.15 – 21.02.15

Patricia Domingues (1986) has studied in Portugal, Spain, Estonia and Idar-Oberstein in Germany, where she did her Masters. She has been presented with a number of prizes: New Traditional Jewellery 2012, Talente 2014 and the Mari Funaki Award 2014.

Patricia explores how a territory, space or material is divided naturally or in a forced manner, in a real or imaginary way, into an inside and an outside. Her current focus is the fragmentation of a specific material – solid, reconstructed wood, perfect in structure. She works from simple forms that contrast with the spontaneous chaos created by the creative process. Patricia’s brooches and pendants are sculptural, monumental and aesthetic. 

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16. Januar 2015