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Idar-Oberstein, city of gemstones, is famous worldwide. Not only its handling, cutting and trading of gemstones, also the manufacturing of jewellery does have a long and rich history here.

Benefits and advantages: intensive cooperation - individual accompaniment

The Idar-Oberstein location has developed in the past few years into a good professional environment for our department. An intensive cooperation with the city of Idar-Oberstein, the county Birkenfeld as well as with some of the more interested and competent companies have resulted in successful projects but also in an extensive interner Link folgtartist-in-residence Program, in a range of about 10 exhibitions on contemporary jewellery  interner Link folgt"Idar-Oberstein schmückt sich" and in our annual symposium interner Link folgt"SchmuckDenken".

These and many other activities are a fertile soil for our courses and create at the same time an intensive transfer university - region and vice-versa.

January 29, 2016