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Art and good life

Art between leisure and social responsability

The process of globalisation enters all areas of life: accompanied by the culmination of economical and ecological crises, ever-faster coming technical innovations, and an offer of information and communication hardly manageable for many people as well as the feeling of being overwhelmed this process leads to a growing need for leisure and contemplation which is seen by many people as a source of a reborn lifestyle. The contemplative lifestyle opens all senses for aesthetic experience and creativity.

Some people see this lifestyle as the gate to a new spirituality.

ThinkingJewellery10 places this contemplative life concept under scrutiny. Does it lead to a retreat into privacy and to a denial of social responsibility or can it become a power source for creativity and more sensitivity for the world through examination of politics being more peaceful, respectful and sustainable.

ThinkingJewellery is the attempt to reflect what Jewellery really is. It is about an interdisciplinary approach beyond the known categories handcraft or art, applied or free, it is about the exploration of what Jewellery is what it is, not what it looks like. The need to adorn and for jewellery accompany people since the beginning of mankind as anthropological constants. As important cultural asset Jewellery is always re-interpreted. ThinkingJewellery10 reassembles relevant analysis and perspectives for action for artistic practice.

Theo Smeets, January 27, 2016