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Eduardo Tarin M.F.A.

M.F.A. Thesis: "Immaterialized Forms"

Betreuung: Prof. Ute Eitzenhöfer, Prof. Eva-Maria Kollischan & Prof. Theo Smeets

Fotos des praktischen Teils der Masterarbeit

Auszug aus dem theoretischen Teil der Masterarbeit


 “I have a lot about space and form........ but Is formal inspiration something bad? Space is related to form. But It doesn't mean that form and space are banal.... Isn't it?

And of course the question... 

What is form? What does it mean? When is form and when is not? 

But is really only this? And the rest?...  from where does it come from? 

the thing is... From where my forms come from?

I was scared... really... I thought I was copying.... do I create my identity from what surround me?

What is really mine? … the truth is that I've been very busy with technics and processes too...  maybe this is about the list with all the steps I have. It is maybe part of my making process.

Making ...

The fact of using a technic that has been related to jewellery for many years makes me feel part of something bigger. 

Have techniques of mass production in jewellery influenced me? Has technology influenced me?

Reproduction.... Molds... 

Molds, they are forms as well....   Forms that materialize the absence.....  skins of empty maybe

It has a function and from the beginning is not decorative. It is just the medium to get the result........ 

 I use a reproduction technique to make unique pieces.... But... are they unique? 

Do I want to make unique pieces if all of them are similar in the end? 

Repeat to yourself: It's not a matter of quantity, if not a matter of quality.

Relations with Objects-space-environment and how the different situations can change the concept of perception. Space, form, problems with form. Empty.... technic related to space.....

Form is nothing without space, but does space exist without a body that defines it?? the shape of something defining the space or is the space defining the shape??... There is a space because there is a body?... does shape means body?... does body means full?... does space means empty?... does empty means nothing?... 

Geometry, organic, movement, direction, concavity, container, inside, skin, detail, technology, colour, nature, volume, perception, tradition, lightness, technic, coincidence, jewellery, consumption, association, decoration, heavy, small, sensibility, flying, lightness, poetics, delicate, exiting, surprise, emotion, fast, free, unconscious, presence, power, energy, body, space, form, empty, full, shape, nothing, open, result........ 


This thoughts and questions have been next to me during the last years. They are the key of what here I present to you and in them I've found and look for answers that would allow me to arrive somewhere further on my personal development.

Forming a place as a singular thing but that creates plural representations of itself. Looking for the  ideals with which a thing would not be the kind of thing it is. It is on the quietness where we can ear the  sound of that been. Leading me to dress its skin, to stablish the limitation of its structure.  

By making we are creating a metaphor of live. Playing a game with the intelligence to discover what the treasures of our memory can invent. I wish to open the path that translates the inner of ourselves, in order to cultivate the immaterial of things. Things which boundaries serves the proposes of space.  Evoking the inside and making it present. Transforming nothing in to matter and empty in to content. 

There have been always two parts. Two parts where fights have been the reason of making one not stronger than the other. If we forget about the “how” and focus only on the “what”, we probably are resigning to our most important treasure. We resign to our identity as makers, we resign to the glorification of been the master of our craft, we resign to the intimate connection that through history human have been creating with materiality. Like this, we only achieve to move away from the objects that surround us by not understanding how they are done. But focusing only on the “how”, would cut any possibility of expression above the material. Everything would become inanimate and only would stay on the outside. Is by democratising the making and the thinking what would allowed us to understand new possibilities.

Somehow there is a fascination on things not only because what they are, but because how they are made. The contradiction might guide to confusion, but we have made the machine that disable us to make what we were making before. But then I wonder: Is this right that the machine disable us to do things? Or is it actually that it make us able to make more things than the things we were able to make before? The advantages of our time has open up an incredibly spectrum of possibilities on what making is concerned. The thing makers need to be aware of, is on how to make a profitable use of the new technologies by not fooling in to the mistake of making without understanding. The borders might be dangerous. We need to be able to understand how technology, design and labour complement each other.  

This is my purpose. Digesting the technical process of a technique like electrotyping to approach it from a different point of view. A technique where a silicon mold was commonly used to reproduce additional copies of metal  from a master pattern, becomes now in volumes of CNC machined stone were only one metal reproduction is possible. Applying in that way, procedures and facilities of our times. Trying to adapt the concept of electrotyping to contemporaneity.

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5. September 2016